Second release

MECSYCO 2.0.0 is now available!

New framework components

  • MECSYCO-re-compatible
  • MECSYCO-visu
  • MECSYCO-com-dds
  • MECSYCO-world-netlogo

MECSYCO-re additions

  • Addition of TimeOperation enabling to apply operation on the event’s time and the EIT.
  • Addition of predefined simulation type (Tuples, simulation vector, simulation map)
  • Addition of experimental multiplexer

MECSYCO-re obsolete features

  • The interafce GenericModelArtifact is obsolete. Use the abstract class ModelArtifact instead.
  • The interface GenericOperation is obsolete. Use the abstract class EventOperation instead.

Technical improvments

  • Removing of thread polling which enables to reach a new performance level.
  • Addition of a logging system.