C++ version release

The C++ version of MECSYCO is now complete. However, we currently don’t have the resources to provide a proper release for the C++ code or a user documentation. Please, feel free to contact us by mail (mecsyco@inria.fr) if you want to get the C++ version of MECSYCO.

About the C++ version

The C++ version of MECSYCO enables to develop network models with NS3 and OMNeT++/INET, and to perform a co-simulation with these models. It is worth noting that MECSYCO C++ is compatible with MECSYCO Java, i.e. it is possible to perform distributed co-simulation with both MECSYCO C++ and MECSYCO Java and to connect them.

You can get more information about the wrapping of NS3 and OMNeT++/INET in MECSYCO in this thesis (in french) and in this article (in english).