A brief description of the MECSYCO paradigm through a simple example.

The reading of this page is a good hint to begin with MECSYCO .


Getting Started

Discover MECSYCO with a NetLogo model and start writing some MECSYCO code.

You learn to create your own operations, your own model artifact, and to connect all of these together.


A getting started result

Getting Started 2

Discover MECSYCO with an equational model and start writing some MECSYCO code using all functionality of MECSYCO .

You learn to use MECSYCO-com-dds, MECSYCO-visu, the multiplexer and how to create your own time operations.


A getting started 2 result

User Guide (pdf)

  • User Guide: A guide less formal than the API but more formal than the Getting started tutorial.
  • Scholar application: A description about each model of the Scholar application package.
  • MECSYCO-visu: A guide about the visualization tool.
  • MECSYCO-com-dds: A guide about the communication tool.
  • Create your own operations: A guide about the operations and how to create your own.
  • SimulData manipulation: A guide about simulation data, how to manage and create them.
  • Debug system: A guide about the debug system, that is to say the printing function that help to debug your simulation.