MECSYCO is built on the paradigm Agents and Artifacts to describe complex systems as multi-models. It provides a formalization of these concepts in DEVS to ensure causality of the simulation. See concepts section to have more details.

MECSYCO software is built on different components:

  • mecysco-re: the core of MECSYCO is a co-simulation middleware. It provides a frame to implement the components for the interoperability of platforms and simulators. The core is implemented both in Java and in C++ (not already available). This duality enables to connect a large number of existing simulators.
  • mecsyco-com: The communication package gathers the implementations of means to connect several machines or platforms from the network. As a consequence, MECSYCO enables distributed and decentralized simulations in Java, C++, or hybrid code.
  • mecsyco-visu: The visualization package offers different tools to observe the evolution of a simulation.


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Latest news:

C++ version release

The C++ version of MECSYCO is now complete. However, we currently don’t have the resources to provide a proper release for the C++ code or a user documentation. Please, feel free to contact us by mail ( if you want to get the C++ version of MECSYCO.

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